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Alexander Sirota, cantor (Homocord, 1927)

Over Cantor Alexander Sirota heb ik geen informatie kunnen vinden, ook niet of hij familie is van de beroemde cantor Gershon Sirota (ca. 1877-1943) , die ook wel de "Joodse Caruso" werd genoemd.  
Alexander zingt hier met begeleiding van een harmonium.

1  W'szeorew    3:55
2  Ribono Schel Olom    3:45
Alexander Sirota, Oberkantor
78t 25 cm: Homocord J 4-121-I/II   H-19682/3

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  1. I asked to Rabbi Shisler (http://geoffreyshisler.com/) if he knows some information about Alexander Sirota. This is his answer:

    Thank you very much for this. It’s another example of a wonderful Chazan about whom little seems to be known. I have not heard of Alexander Sirota but there seems to have been other Chazanim in the same family. There was a Chazan Siroto (note the ‘o’ at the end of the name) who was in Manchester at some time. I have seen manuscript books with his name embossed on the covers – they are now in the library of the London School for Jewish Studies. If anyone has any information about the Sirota(o) family I would be very grateful to receive it. I’m sorry I can’t be of any more help.

  2. David Prager answered 25-04-2015 on the site of Rabbi Shisler:
    Re the question on the Sirota family: The Homocord Alexander Sirota record, according to learned discographers was made in Berlin in c 1928.
    The Hebrew pronunciation bears a distinct Hungarian tinge. Also Samuel Vigoda (p510 Legendary Voices) notes that he came across “the Little Sirota” in Budapest who became a chief cantor in a synagogue in the Buda part of Budapest after earlier being cantor at Budapest’s Bethlen Ter synagogue. This Sirota was said to be a distant relative of Gershon Sirota. Vigoda notes he passed away shortly before the publication of his text. Later (internet) sources mention a Chazan Sandor (Hungarian for Alexander) Sirota in Budapest in 1957 and also that Chief Rabbi Imre Benoschofsky (d 1970) officiated at his funeral. Thus the probability is strong that this gentleman is the artist on the Homocord record.
    Regarding the UK Sirota/Siroto family in Manchester, Gershon’s older brother Joseph Sirota/Siroto was Chazan at the United Synagogue 1910-1926 ( d aged 58) and Joseph’s son Isidore Siroto was Chazan at South Broughton until his death in 1946 aged 51. Isidore’s son was the famous popular singer Lee Lawrence who moved to the USA in 1957 and passed away aged 41 in 1961. The latter three are all buried in Manchester..and Lee Lawrence’s grave indentifies his Hebrew name as Yehuda Leib ben Yitzchok. Yehuda Leib is also the rarely identified name of Gershon + Joseph’s father (according to the Hebrew employment contract of Gershon with the Vilna Stadtschul, a copy of which is online on the YIVO website).
    Re the earlier posting about Mordechai Hershman, details of his grave are onhttp://www.findagrave.com with search spelling Mordechai Hirschman ..date of death was Jan 30th 1941.
    Kind Rgds
    David Prager, London

    1. As is clearly visible under the label, the recording was made 17. 11. 1927. It fits perfectly in the Budapest sessions. So most probably it's "the Little Sirota".
      Raoul Konezni, Berlin

    2. Thanks for this information!