dinsdag 30 juli 2013

Oiseaux (La Voix de son Maître SG 641)

Het is zo'n mooie zomer, dat het een passend idee is om een 78t.plaat met vogelgeluiden te presenteren.
Uit de Collection Ages-Mennon horen we het volgende:

Kant 1:    2:54
Ontwaken van de vogels in de lente in het veld, met hanen in de verte en een klok die 
    5u slaat
Vogels in het bos
Vogels in de volière (parkieten)
Meeuwen in de zee, met het geluid van de branding

Kant 2:    2:45
Papegaai die zegt "Bonjour Coco", met vogels op de achtergrond
Basterd nachtegaal
78t 25 cm: HMV SG.641  OLA.6953/4

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5 opmerkingen:

  1. Please, satyr, could you type the exact chain of hardware and software you used to produce this rip?
    A jewel to some, I'm warning my bird calls friends of this mighty share you've offered us all. Thank you so much !

    1. Dual turntable; I record with Audacity; then I use ClickRepair and Sony Soundforge.

  2. Also, could you tell us, if you know the exact data, in which year was this Vinyl released? Thanks.

    1. If I knew the recording date, I'd mentioned that in the post...

    2. Hi, Satyr:

      a friend just sent me this discogs link: http://www.discogs.com/label/63488-La-Voix-De-Son-Ma%C3%AEtre?sort=catno&sort_order=asc&limit=100&genre=All&page=17

      which would imply, as per a more or less respectful to a yearly order of La Voix de Son Maître SG catalog references, that this album was likely released somewhere around late 1954, more probably in 1955. The SG series there, you'd see, were all initially released, or likely reissued from preexisting older recordings, in the early 50s. They were re-released in Spain, for example, under a local spin off of the Collection Ages-Mennon, in the late 50s.

      Thank you for the info on your software, though I wonder, if you wouldn't consider it pointless, annoying or too nosey, if you could be really specific about the complete hardware chain you used for ripping this album.

      Thanks again, very much, for all your dedication to the community.